Karl Van Welden

Karl Van Welden


In 2006 Karl Van Welden (1980, Belgium) initiated United Planets, a cycle of visual and performative work based on terrestrial or human presence in the universe. How does 'little' humankind relate to the immensity of the universe? Using the planets in our solar system as anchorage; he searches for artistic answers to this crucial question, with a predilection for silenced movement and architectural forms.

As an atmospheric backdrop, each planet represents another series of projects to Karl Van Welden. The same planet can take on different shapes and the research doesn’t come to a halt with its first exposure. Every planet contains a series of projects in which the same theme and form are further explored in-depth. Utilising different disciplines and depending on content Van Welden chooses a suitable form. He often works in situ. Unusual locations can in that sense fulfil an important role as active partner and source of inspiration.

The off-cycle work is smaller in scale but covers more or less the same thematic approach as the work within the cycle. It offers Karl Van Welden the opportunity to deepen certain themes and forms. It comprises drawings, paintings, installations, video and three-dimensional works, which can act as reflections, preliminary studies, but could just as easily exist autonomously or be combined into one work.