Katrien Oosterlinck

© Joeri Thiry / STUK
© Joeri Thiry / STUK


Katrien Oosterlinck (Belgium, 1984) designs instructions for games with a specific scenography for human encounters. They are performances on the cutting edge of dance, visual art and play. The zone is non-verbal, body language is central. As the participants search both for a place of their own and a shared place, Katrien sets out to inspire sensitivity and responsiveness to space. Her practice is not only about social interaction, but also about creating images through that interaction.

Katrien studied Dance Theatre in Tilburg and Open Atelier (Sint Lucas) in Antwerp. Awareness, perception and sensation are an essential part her own and the shared artistic process. Spectators and participants are encouraged to focus on physical experience and expressive structuring in the form of participative performances. Art is used as a tool for the contact with one’s own body, with others and with factors in the environment. For Katrien this is something that everyone relates to and that everyone experiences in very different ways. A sense of collectivity and community is created, a (current) social need.