(Dialogue with objects)

After a period of practice-based research, Katrien Oosterlinck is working on a new production. (Dialogue with objects) is an environment for imagining the space between us.

Katrien Oosterlinck - (Dialoog met objecten) 16:9

The research phase of this project focused on interactive working methods on a small and large scale: both one-on-one and with large groups of participants. For the design of the interaction with the audience she sought new inspiration in the form of discussion methods, play and visual communication.

Starting from different socio-artistic processes, a new game for the audience is now being developed. A large carpet serves as a canvas for a dialogue: it is possible to draw through touch, speak through movements used by a team of guides, and make compositions from a collection of large objects.

Thus a meeting space is created in which the participating audience communicates through body and visual language. Together, the audience investigates relationships and connections through dynamics: in the way they move, rather than how they position themselves in relation to each other. The central question is: how can we move together?

Katrien Oosterlinck - (Dialoog met objecten)

The game is accompanied by a team of guides including Katrien herself. They demonstrate the protocol instead of explaining it and they play along. Katrien's role as a guide evolves from the one who creates the framework (as in her project Imagine Moving Rocks) to a guide who also participates.

The guides create space for a live encounter in which it is all about participating. They build a common attention that can allow many points of view without polarizing.

Katrien Oosterlinck - (Dialoog met objecten)
Creation: Katrien Oosterlinck – Scenography: Jan Van Goethem & Tine Colen – Sound: Pol Vanlaer – Guides: Katrien Oosterlinck a.o. – Production: wpZimmer


25.02.2020 - 27.02.2020
10.02.2020 - 12.02.2020
22.01.2020 - 24.01.2020