Mikko Niemistö

© Katri Naukkarinen
© Katri Naukkarinen


Mikko Niemistö is a choreographer and performing artist who works in Helsinki and abroad. He has created both solo performances and multidisciplinary works where different forms of art engage in dialogue. He holds an MA in Choreography from the New Performative Practices Master programme at the School of Dance and Circus in Stockholm in 2017.

In his works he is especially interested in silent knowledge, the background noises of the body and accumulations of bodily memories. He currently focuses on the blind spots and shadow zones of everyday reality, such as dreaming and the supernatural.

His works have have been recently shown at e.g. Zodiak - Center for New Dance (Helsinki), ImPulsTanz festival (Vienna), far° festival (Nyon) and Moving in November festival (Helsinki).