Again the Sunset

Again the Sunset is a new beginning of an ongoing research, a practice of informing and being informed by raw materials, sonically, energetically, physically, spiritually and intellectually (not excluding other ways of being informed).

Inga Huld Hakonardottir & Yann Leguay - Again The Sunset 16:9

Inga and Yann's backgrounds in dance, music and performance on the one hand, and fine-arts and music on the other hand, meet in a practice of experimental music, searching for new instruments and new ways of playing them. The duo extract sounds from concrete, raw materials, giving room to poetry and vocal performance in laborious instrumental play. Their recent instruments are wood, axes, stones and hammers as percussive instruments. Now they will experiment with new materials.

They are searching for ways to sculpt their instruments as they play them. In this project Yann and Inga are trying to transform the concrete and to move what might seem immobile. They extract sounds from objects or materials to expand their tangible essence into the sonic realm, allowing them to enter their bodies, into their ears, through their skin. They then open the possibility for rambling thoughts to arise from the states and actions required for sculpting the sound.


13.01.2020 - 17.01.2020