Curriculum Veto

Curriculum Veto takes as its starting point the CV: the ultimate, universally recognised,individualised standard that conditions labour. The abbreviation for the Latin ‘curriculum vitae’,or, ‘the course of life’; its name implies a consolidation of life and work. Curriculum Veto starts by critically investigating this conceptual entanglement.

Curriculum Veto 16:9

The promise that the CV holds is one of verifiable self-narration; a token that will be receivedimpartially, objectively, and provides access to social mobility on the basis of personal, formalmerit, instead of on family background, or social status. As such, the CV has been one of themain tools upholding the myth of ‘meritocracy’ - the idea that efforts will be received on goodmerit, instead of the personal conditions of the worker. Art Goss has a suspicion that this mythhas mainly helped to maintain women’s position on the labour market in the twenty first century.We find ourselves at a moment where women are paid less for the same labour; wheredomestic labour, performed mainly by women, is not remunerated; and where women do notapply for the jobs they are qualified for as men do. The glass ceiling, the glass cliff, and theglass escalator are in dire need of having women who throw rocks work inside their structures.

Art Goss is soliciting Curriculum Vetoes from a group of invited contributors, who are asked towork on specific themes, such as a CV of refusals, a CV of crediting collaborations, a CV onactivist work, a CV on CV-gaps, a CV on unpaid and domestic labour, and other such woes andvetoes.

During the residency at workspacebrussels, Art Goss will be writing a performance that furtherdevelops the theatrics of the CV. In particular, we will be researching the history of worker’schoirs; the performativity of bluffing; and the religious connotations of the CV as confessionalliterature.

Research & Creation: Art Goss - L. Artimer (Lua Vollaard) & M. Gossamer (Marthe Prins) — Residency support: workspacebrussels



29.10.2021 - 19.11.2021