Flesh can’t can’ t not’t ‘tis flesh h...

© Mario Barrantes Espinoza + DALL-E
© Mario Barrantes Espinoza + DALL-E

Imagine a sci-fi world shaped by the musical genre of reggaeton, the urban dance perreo, the linguistic experience of accessing everyday life through a limited understanding of English, and the historical connection of Central America with the export of exotic fruits.

This is the world that Flesh can’t can’ t not’t ‘tis flesh h… invokes, a multimedia performance that mixes live music, projection of text, dance and sculpture. Two burning bodies guide us through the landscapes of a foreign world, to explore the bittersweet ventures of the Global South-Global North migration, and to trace part of the queer histories found in the Central American region.

Concept, performance & texts: Mario Barrantes Espinoza – Performance: Luis Javier Murillo Zúñiga aka La Terre’ – Artistic assistance & texts: Theo Livesey – Dramaturgy & texts: Martín Zícari – Music & sound design: Luis Miguel Ramírez aka DJ Amapola – Light design: Ryoya Fudetani – Wax sculptures: Mona Oren – Silicone sculptures: Moran Sanderovich – Video projections: Federico Vladimir Strate Pezdirc – Production: Hiros – Co-production: Kaaitheater, Toneelhuis, VIERNULVIER, DeSingel, Kunstenwerkplaats – In collaboration with: KAAP, STUK, Kunstencentrum BUDA, workspacebrussels – With the support from: the Flemish Community


23.10.2023 - 05.11.2023