© Simon Ophof
© Simon Ophof

Being half Arabic by origin my body always wants to move through the hips and belly, in ripples and twisted- fast movements. In recent months I started researching the Belly dance (by randomly encountering the fascinating book Belly Dancing by Wendy Buonaventura) and got inspired by the stories of priestesses in ancient India evoking fertility as a religious duty through belly dance. I want to focus on the question of female existence and her role in society. As a female I try to find new ways to express my being and give a new meaning to life. I go back and forth through past biological memories which I carry through the course of life.

My hips are guiding me in the journey of connecting to my ancient meaning in order to find my new form of femininity. The female performer is facing the struggle of physical transformation. From subtle motion to the awakening of larger forces while travelling through time and space, through dance and music and text, the performer reveals her emotional journey of the meaning of being female under different perspectives and shares this experience with the audience. We all cope with internal dilemmas as we are trapped in lost meanings of existence. Procreation was the female meaning from ancient times, the reason for living. However, after rapid population growth she is faced with many questions. What is her new reason for existence?

Choreography and performance: Daniel Barkan - Music: Enrico Meijer - Outside eye: Lucia Fernandez-Santoro - Residency Support: workspacebrussels



19.10.2020 - 01.11.2020

Ultima Vez