Hello world

Hello world is a solo in which Maxime Arnould am accompanied by an educational drone. Standing in a scenic device that lookslike an autonomous technological installation, Maxime and a drone cohabit together. A program is integratedinto this machine so that it recognises his face and follows he wherever he moves, in order to explore itstheatricality and function.

© Stephen Vincke - La Fabrique de Théâtre
© Stephen Vincke - La Fabrique de Théâtre

It is by diverting its constitutive dangerousness through playfulness that Maxime seeks an answer to his initial concern: in what space could we feel serene in their presence, when they are supposed to protect us? To do this, creating a relationship with the machine reveals to the public what it represents as much as its simple condition as a very fragile object. With this creation, the aim is to question the ways of cohabiting with these drones and other technological surveillance objects, as well as the ease in which we adapt to them.

The research is therefore structured around their dual identity as both a weapon of war and a toy. We see them more and more present in our environments, especially since the health crisis, where we have seen them operate as a means of controlling the population. In fact, the image of war is no longer a distant event, it takes on the metaphor of a bird. How can technology become a medium of projection and creation of new ecosystems? In a crisis situation such as we are experiencing, it seems important to take a new look at the surveillance tools that make up the contemporary landscape (at home or outside), but also by thinking about accessible tools to fight back. What drives Maxime's work is a desire to create and invent subterfuges to what questions, disturbs or anguishes him in the world around him, whether it is linked to a social issue, a personal story, an event, etc., and whose artistic form should be considered as a response.

Research, Creation & Performance: Maxime Arnould — Dramaturgy: Sara Vanderieck — Supported by: the French Ministry of Culture in the framework of CHIMERES - Lieu Unique - Nantes and received writing support from the Beaumarchais-SACD association — Residencies at libitum Adlibʼ production - Vaugine (FR), La fabrique de théâtre - Framerie (BE), La Bellone, workspacebrussels - Bruxelles (BE), CAMPO/Victoria (BE) - Le Delta, Namur - la Ménagerie de Verre (FR), Ateliers Mommen (BE) Produced with the help of La Fédération Wallonie-Bruxelles, Service général de la création artistique - Direction du Théâtre


22.03.2022 - 03.04.2022

Ultima Vez