Look Me Straight in the Eye

Today I am breakable. Today I am strong. Today I don’t know the difference!

Yara Bou Nassar - Look me Straight in the Eye 16:9

What places a body in a state of vulnerability, surrender, or resistance? Look Me Straight in the Eye unravels the fragility of the private moment and the struggle to maintain the illusion of being in control. It explores the intimate layers we choose to hide ourselves to protect our privacy. Whether in a private and safe space or in a public and urban context, fragility will manifest in the body as different forms of discomfort.

Look Me Straight in the Eye is an observation and deconstruction of random moments of disproportionate fragility in daily life. It is a dissection of habits, distant memories, and detailed obsessions connected to family dynamics, trauma, and moments of fragility in relationships. It exposes intimate impulses carried from childhood to adulthood by revisiting personal family footage.

This performance aims to embody moments of fragility and resistance in very minimal ways. It explores a voyeuristic aspect towards oneself, relating to the outside world and attempts to find the humor in delicate moments of loss.

Concept, text & staging by: Yara Bou Nassar — Performed by: Yara Bou Nassar & Paed Conca Music composition: Paed Conca — Dramaturgy & Choreographic consultancy by: Khouloud Yassine


06.05.2019 - 27.05.2019