Mary Ventura / everybody has to leave home sometime

In early 2019, an unknown short story by Sylvia Plath (1932-1964) was published: Mary Ventura and the Ninth Kingdom. This story, which Plath wrote when she was 20 years old, in 1953, tells the story of a train journey. It is an allegory for a young woman's rebellion against conventions, in which Plath first experiments with the imagery of Giorgio de Chirico, known for his surrealist paintings of dark trains and threatening tunnels.

© Bouckaert
© Bouckaert

Theatre maker and writer Dolores Bouckaert and visual artist Charlotte Bouckaert work together for the first time and form the perfect duo to stage this dark story about female agency and independence, about life and death. Mary Ventura /everybody has to leave home sometime becomes a cinematic-musical performance. A visual and mental journey that immerses the spectator in a world of sound, colour, line and form. Flowing, rhythmic, fragmented, disturbed. On stage are 2 performers and 2 musicians, and a Magic Machine that plays and screens the film on the spot.

Credits: Concept and performance: Charlotte Bouckaert & Dolores Bouckaert — Live music: Benjamin Glorieux & Micha Volders — Music composition: Benjamin Glorieux — Commissioned by: Europalia Trains & Tracks — Production: Hiros — With the support of: Bozar — Residency support: workspacebrussels


30.08.2021 - 12.09.2021

Ultima Vez