Reading shoe - that, is flat

Ode de Kort - Reading shoe that is flat 16:9

Reading shoe - that, is flat is a performance in which a boot (black rubber work boot) and heel play the leading role as a typographic performer and language-producing engine. The shoe/boot searches for an absurd in-between space between that which is flat, empty or full and acquires different forms as a result.

How do abstractions acquire animated and lived meaning, only to 'fall flat' again into a sign? How can language gestate itself in movement, and can the fragmentation of that same movement serve as a poetic and humorous language decomposition?

With the boot as the main character, 'episodes' are developed in which this form begins to express itself in a grammar of cutting, repeating, stuttering, falling ...

By and with: Ode de Kort - Residency support: workspacebrussels



08.04.2024 - 14.04.2024


11.10.2023 - 17.10.2023