Small Acts of Violence

© Aay Liparoto
© Aay Liparoto

Small Acts of Violence is a surreal cinematic 360° experience in a performative installation around the entanglement of love and non-consensual physical violence in primary relationships. Starting from the perpetration of violence in the home (UK/ BE) by people who are assigned female at birth (AFAB), i.e. cisgendered women, non-binary/ transmasculine people. Asking what are the actions we take in the name of love? What violence do we in hindsight blame on love?

Aay Liparoto: "The experience itself is fucking beautiful, gross, sexual, rancid and tender. In an enclosed abstract institutional setting you become part of a temporary family group, where familiar domestic choreographies of love and care are played out and intertwined with confessional storytelling. You are lovingly navigated throughout the experience to ensure your continued safety and consent by The Guide who should not always be believed. Narratives occur simultaneously overlapping and combining, you must choose whose action you follow, knowing you are letting go of others, you must choose whether you stay or go."

Small Acts of Violence is an immersive installation that does not want you to completely lose yourself, but keeps you aware of your situation, the bodily reactions that are being provoked and that your boundaries don't have to be crossed. Acknowledging the power in all violence, to ask ourselves why with those we love we can be the most transgressive? What do our physical manifestations try to communicate? And ultimately how can we collectively seek love free from violence?

Writer & Director: Aay Liparoto — Movement: Lucia Palladino — Performers: Sophy Ribrault, Jihan Imago, Kaori Ishiguro, Matilda Cobanli, Hazel Lam, Marie Diaby, Lucia Palladino — Produced by: ARGOS — With support from: workspacebrussels and AAIR (Antwerp) — Granted VAF Innovation Lab scenario & development funding 2021



20.09.2021 - 30.09.2021