Aay Liparoto

© Aay Liparoto
© Aay Liparoto


Aay Liparoto (1987, USA) is a multidisciplinary artist who currently lives and works in Belgium. They use long term performance as a form of research, seeking value creation through art practice. Their output is predominately video, text and performance, working with accessible technology, personal digital archives and DIY strategies to reflect on the mechanics of the everyday life. Their work touches a range of topics such as debt, intimacy, friendship, privacy, isolation and the examination of normative gender identities. The work most often requires participation and is largely auto ethnographic. This is typified in the series Andrew Has His Period which is centred around a 9 month long performance in daily life, examining the power of the banal in gender performativity. The short film Andrew a Strong Courageous Warrior which premiered at the 2016 International Film Festival Rotterdam and book Andrew Has His Period (Anecdotes of Androgyny) continue to be key catalyst for their work.

Plural Authorship Collective is a playful collaboration between Aay Liparoto and Zed Morales under which they seek to collapse their egos. Their recent short documentary We Were Fools For Thinking is Was Going to Be Fun is a snapshot of friendship and anxiety to succeed.