Stillevens uit Linkeroever

Commissioned by the Red Star Line Museum in Antwerp, artists Valentina Stepanova and Niko Hafkenscheid spent five months among the residents of the refugee centre on the left bank. They nestled themselves in the everyday life of the centre and, together with the residents, looked for a meaningful, cooperative way to record the reality of the situation.

© Niko Hafkenscheid & Valentina Stepanova
© Niko Hafkenscheid & Valentina Stepanova

A participatory project developed around the theme of the painterly 'still life', in which the residents were asked to compose their own photographic image with elements from their daily lives. The residents liked the idea because their own lives in the centre are almost completely at a standstill for a certain period of time. They brought in what seemed relevant to them and together with the artists recorded their objects in photographs.

On the occasion of the exhibition Vluchtverhalen, which runs from 1 April to 31 December 2022, these photos will be incorporated into an interactive installation in which the public itself can dig into the thoughts that are connected to them.

Productie: Red Star Line Museum Antwerpen, Valentina Stepanova en Niko Hafkenscheid — In co-creatie met: Arwa, Mohammed, Amir, Mirwais, Ayushi, Fatma, Rafi, Rasul, Rixcielo, Daisy, Carlos, Sasha, Michael, Georgy, Hodon Abdallah, Maria Moba, Behzad, Louis Muntu, Aboe Khaled, Zaki, Ahmed en Bashir — Met dank aan: alle medewerkers van het opvangcentrum Linkeroever en workspacebrussels


21.02.2022 - 18.03.2022