The Eye in the Light in the Eye

In The Eye in the Light in the Eye, a performance commissioned by Europalia Romania and presented in the Brancusi exhibition at Bozar, Gaëtan Rusquet attempts to resonate with Brancusi's work, more precisely, his self-portraits and sculptural clichés.

© Gaetan Rusquet
© Gaetan Rusquet

In these works of Brancusi, Gaëtan perceives a desire to represent the absolute, to arrive at the very essence of a form or an idea. And more concretely, a will to play with light and shadows, a desire to dissimulate or highlight qualities for the point of view of the camera. While observing photography today, especially self-portraits, Rusquet examines the desire for control in the composition of an image. Together with the artist Philip Janssens, he plays with the intention to build an image for one point of view, and the impossibility to control the multiplicity of viewpoints that occurs in a performance.

By: Gaëtan Rusquet — Residencies: wpZimmer, workspacebrussels


02.12.2019 - 08.12.2019
Ultima Vez