True Fiction

How can (and do) reality and fiction merge in artistic practices? What are useful tools for working on the boundary between reality and fiction in a multi-disciplinary artistic process?

© Nada & Co
© Nada & Co

In this research, Nada Gambier will study and develop working tools, methods and strategies to merge topics from reality with a multi-layered and often intuitive experimental artistic practice.

During her residency with workspacebrussels, she will focus on choreography and writing as tools for abstracting, fictionalizing, distancing, transforming, layering….reality in her practise. What can, for instance, metaphors and poetry bring to the work? This is the first step in a two-year research process in which Nada will work both alone as well as invite other makers and thinkers to join punctual collective sessions.

Research: Nada Gambier, Mark Etchells — Residency support: workspacebrussels


18.01.2021 - 22.01.2021

Les Brigittines