The Mirror Stand (try-out)

A layered dance solo about identity and the performativity of the everyday

Stanley Ollivier - The Mirror Stand 16:9

With The Mirror Stand, the young French choreographer Stanley Ollivier creates a layered dance solo about identity and the performativity of the everyday. How can you develop your own identity in a history dominated by normative values ​​and systems? How do you shape your specific existence within a universal context? Stanley Ollivier dives into the world of the imagination and looks back at some personal complexes. In a mix of seriousness, exaggeration and absurdity, the performance provides a unique insight into a physical transformation.

Concept, choreography & performance: Stanley Ollivier – Artistic Consultants: Kopano Maroga, Estefanía Álvarez Ramirez – Scenography & Textile Design: Benjamin Mengistu Navet — Scenography Assistance: Gabrielle Barbé – Music: Brahim Tall — Visual: Kenny Mala Ngombe – Video: Koblat Studio, Mary Szydlowska – Thanks to: The Iconic House Of Ninja, The Ballroom Scene, Mooni Van Tichel, Lily Brieu Nguyen and Rita Alves – Created in the frame of the Master Programme STUDIOS at P.A.R.T.S.
Open Studios 2023 16:9

Open Studios XL

This event is part of Open Studios XL, a three-day programme with performances, try-outs and workshops at the intersection of dance, performance, theatre and installation work.

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23.04.2022 | 15:00 - 16:00 Tickets

60 min.


Les Brigittines (Brussels)



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part of Open Studios XL / tickets from 25 March onwards / double bill with Le Cendrier du Gaze by Pierre-Patrice Kasses / aftertalk with Stanley Ollivier & Pierre-Patrice Kasses, moderated by Eric Niyibizi Cyuzuzo

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