Voice of Nature: The Trial (try-out)

Coproduction 2018

Voice of Nature is a site-specific court case that investigates how legislation and justice can serve the threatened ecosystems of the earth, or: an artistic proposal for ecological justice. What legal basis exists for defending nature? How can we turn a mountain or a river into a legal entity?

Maria Lucia - Voice of Nature 16:9

In the trial, Maria Lucia and her team connect conventional legal systems with processes such as restorative justice. They expose the trauma of damaged ecosystems and investigate the connection of such an ‘ecocide’ with power and colonization. Can we imagine a court case that transcends anthropocentrism? Is there a verdict possible that develops a collective language for humans and non-humans?

Concept and direction: Maria Lucia Cruz Correia — Script writer: Sébastien Hendrickx — Dramaturgy: Ingrid Vranken — Systemic Constellation Navigator: Luea Ritter — Performer: Anna Mendelssohn — Legal fact checkers: Hendrik Schoukens & Juan Auz — Research documentation: Mark Pozlep — Outside eye: Jeroen Peeters — Co-production: Kaaitheater, Vooruit, workspacebrussels, Het TheaterFestival, t-heater & Circuit X (Roel Verniers Prijs 2017) — Production: Fo.am — Residency & Research: No Lugar (EC), Center for Creative Ecologies / Tjdemos (US), Artsadmin (UK), Buda kunstencentrum (BE), workspacebrussels (BE), Campo (BE), wpZimmer (BE), Bunker (SL) — With the support of: Imagine 2020 & the Flemish Government

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30.11.2018 | 21:30 - 23:00
1.12.2018 | 20:30 - 22:00


€ 5

Les Brigittines


performance in English

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