Adela Maharani

© Marina Resch
© Marina Resch


Adela Maharani is an Indonesian freelance dance artist, currently based in between Austria and Germany. She studied at the Music and Arts University of Vienna and was a holder of the danceWEB scholarship 2022.

The central departure for her work starts from creating an imagined atmosphere of a room set up. In her artistic practice, she is interested in the ingrained culture inextricably linked with the body. Drawn to how objects in relation to the body can trigger a variety of physicality and awaken hidden creatures inside. Searching for points of exhaustion - where a sense of freedom unfolds and channels of discovery is being activated. Keeping a playful curious mind is also an essential accompaniment in developing her works.

As a performer, Adela Maharani has worked amongst others with Ian Kaler, Saint Genet Company, Esther Balfe, Eva-Maria Schaller, Sara-Lisa Bals, Anna Knapp and Katharina Senk. Her own short works and collaborative works were performed in different contexts throughout Europe. Valuing the recognition of humanity, Adela Maharani aspires to take part in contributing to the diversity and equality in society.