Alice Giuliani

© Zaza Dupont
© Zaza Dupont


Alice Giuliani is an Italian performer and dance-maker based in Brussels. She describes herself as a spoonie* and invisible crip*. Trained as a dancer since the age of five, she uses interdisciplinary languages in her work, placing the body at the center as a site of fantasy, vulnerability and affirmation of crip and feminist narratives. She graduated at DAMS of Roma TRE (2014) and at the dance department of Paris VIII Université (2016). In 2019, she trained in PACAP3 at Forum Dança (Lisbon). In 2020 she joined the master ISAC at Académie Royale de Beaux Arts de Bruxelles. Since 2022 she started creating her own work: the solo A.ROOM.POURED.OVER.ME and the duo And everything is porous as a bodily crack in collaboration with Camilla Strandhagen selected for Live works vol. 10 by Centrale Fies. In recent years she performed for several productions in Europe, among others: Zer-brech-lich by Alessandro Schiattarella (2023), Madrigals by Benjamin Abel Meirhaeghe with music by Doon Kanda (2022), SAGA by Marco D'Agostin (2021), This is your skin by Irene Russolillo (2018) and In Girum imus nocte by Roberto Castello / Aldes (2015).

*a spoonie is a chronically ill person
*an invisible crip is a person with an invisible disability