Anneleen Keppens

© Joeri Thiry
© Joeri Thiry


Anneleen Keppens (1986) graduated from the Royal Ballet School of Antwerp in 2005 and from P.A.R.T.S./Brussels in 2010. She works as a choreographer, dancer, artistic collaborator and teacher. From these different positions, she creates experiences that place the body at the centre and honour the profoundly communicative and connecting potential of dance as a language.

In 2016 she started a choreographic research project called Transparency in Abstract Dance, which aimed to make the language of dance more accessible by developing compositional keys that allow an audience to unlock and 'enter' a dance.

This research was the basis of her first creation, The moon is the moon is the moon. This performance shares the 'sketches' that precede the making of a choreography, while seeking a balance between legibility and poetry.

In 2019 Anneleen created the solo Movement Essays. This work consists of three 'movement essays; On Tempo, On Shape and Multitudes, each of which highlight a fundamental element of abstract dance.

Since 2020 she is developing the practice Body Dialogues, in which she initiates conversations with and about the body with different artists. Through this practice she aims to revalue the artistic process and cultivate space and time for contemplation. Occasionally a dialogue is shared with an audience, inviting them to step into a process rather than a work of art.

Currently, Anneleen is preparing Blue Moon Spring, a performance for three dancers on jazz music, which will premier in October 2023.

Since 2012 Anneleen is a core member of Hiatus, the dance company of Daniel Linehan (US/BE). She is also a certified somatic movement educator and taught a class called Poetic Embodiment during the SummerSchool at P.A.R.T.S., at Charleroi Danse and at INSAS amongst others.