Bosse Provoost

© Dries Segers
© Dries Segers


Bosse Provoost (1993, BE) is a theatre maker and director. Until 2021 he is part of the P.U.L.S.-trajectory (Project Upcoming artists for the Large Stage) of Toneelhuis. In his work he radically chooses 'a theater of sensory under-stimulation' which is both multidisciplinary and meta-theatrical. He composes movements of light, creates rhythm out of silence and puts half-human looking creatures on stage. After graduating he created the shows Herberg, Moore Bacon! and The Act of Dying in collaboration with Kobe Chielens.

The recent work Matisklo (2018) was structured around poems by the jewish poet Paul Celan and costumes by Max Pairon. Scenography, acting, sound, movement and image are of equal importance. Carl De Strycker, editor-in-chief of Poëziekrant: "Seldom before did I experience such an estranging evening of theatre, but never before did I see poetry put on stage more accurately." This season he created the installation-performance SUN-SET with Ezra Veldhuis.