Charlie Laban Trier

Charlie Laban Trier


Charlie Laban Trier (he/him), born 1987 in Copenhagen, based mainly in Amsterdam. Charlie is a dancer and choreographer. He graduated in 2018 from SNDO - bachelor in choreography. He previously holds diplomas from Hotstepper and Flow’s dance education, Copenhagen 2011/12. He’s a member of Jacuzzi – an artist-run space in Amsterdam where dance/performance and other time-based media swim together. His dance background stems mainly from dances connected to house music. The base of movements and technologies towards dance is rooted within and because of these scenes. Living as a transperson, is further a big Teacher in his thinking/approach to work. He thinks of transness as a technology that helps him craft and complicate material.

Charlie thinks of dance as a slippery matter, and a joker that can instantaneously inhabit many images, seducing its viewers while cheekily sliding out of shape.

He’s interested in spaces where we all have to work through the complications of participation and that calls for every-body’s responsibility for disrupting fixed structures/ideas.

Since 2014 he has and is still working with various artists internationally - both as a performer, and in collaborations. In March 2022 he premiered a piece, which springs out of a longer collaboration with Beck Heiberg - “Digging a Glittery Grave”, in September 2021 in Gothenburg he premiered another collaborative work with Eli Eli Raymond - (headbang).