(Good times), carrier dances

Dancing without a stage

Charlie Laban Trier - Good times carrier dances 4:3

Instead of stepping on the stage, I step off it, but We're still all there.
It's all a stage. We staged it. Staging it, is doing it. Doing it for the stage...
What if utopia is a spatial, not only temporal stage… (we don’t need another hero)

How is dance a carrier bag?

Forever obsessed with the iconic bass line in “Everybody dance”.
Awed by its level of complexity and its consistent backgrounding function.
It supports and contains the whole instrumentation and feeling of the song - always there holding the floor of the stage, it surfaces momentarily right in a perfect pause of the singing.
This bass line is the carrier bag of the track. (Ursula K. Le Guin)
This bass line is like the series of portraits of empty stages by the artist Kevin McCarty.
Disco is one of the overall teachers of this project.
Disco as it originated was called dance music. The music' object was for people to dance, not for a person on stage to be a "front" singer.

This research attempts to speak into the lineage of de-facing/stepping off stage while never leaving the room. It attempts to de-prioritize the protagonist and problematize the obsession towards the “fantastical” individual, that by being continuously centered erases every body; who is moving in the margins of the story, who is working in the cracks, who are The supporting structure, who are thinking their body as a collective, who are gathering resources, who will never end, because the gathering is ongoing.

Concept, choreography, performance: Charlie Laban Trier - Choreography, performance: Noha Ramadan - Residencies: BUDA, workspacebrussels


20.02.2023 - 05.03.2023

Ultima Vez