Danae Theodoridou

Danae theodoridou


Danae Theodoridou (1978, Greece) lives and works in Brussels. Danae creates performances and writes and curates frames for artistic research. Her primarily interest goes to the use and performativity of language. How narratives (oral and written) get shape on stage, page and in everyday life. The past three years she focused particularly on the notion of 'social imaginaries'; the deconstruction or reimagining of ideas and assumptions that underlie our social coexistence. In this frame she created two performances: One Small Step for a Man: Hello, Goodbye (2015) and Earth in 100 Years (2016) plus a lecture performance: Something Dreamy. In 2017 the Flemish Community rewarded this ongoing investigation with a year-long grant, curious for the enclosing production An Imaginary Symposium.