Flavia Pinheiro

Flavia Pinheiro


Flavia Pinheiro is a bacteria from Brazil currently based in Amsterdam. After being exposed to unhealthy, unsanitary and insalubrious environments, very hot temperatures, high relative air humidity, and high levels of contamination, they found in Amsterdam the most hygienic and aseptic conditions, with controlled variables, to develop in vitro science fiction experiments.

Their research foregrounds networks of resilience and resistance to systems of knowledge by fabulative speculations around Science and Technologies. Different media (photography, video, dance, performance, installation, urban intervention, publications) are used to underline how diversity and transversality can contribute to (un)learning colonial pedagogies.

Flavia graduated at DAS Choreography (Amsterdam) in 2022. Their Master's research was carried out in Benin with a grant of AHK. They were commissioned by the Dutch Embassy in Brazil to develop the project Golden Bacteria. They participated in a residency at La Caldera (Barcelona), collaborated with Rodrigo Batista, and was awarded the 3Package Deal fund for International Talents by AFK for the ‘Engaged Art’ coalition. Flavia is currently part of the DAS Third Research Program.