Bacteria is a microscopic study that investigates the ever-changing dialogue between a bacterial body as material - flesh and imagination, as an invisible, intangible, immaterial. This project aims to explore the thin line between bacterial growth and inactivation and focuses on some emerging bacterial survival strategies, both from an individual cell and from a population perspective. To learn by these microorganisms and to reflect in dance practices that reveal procedures of contamination ,anaerobic breath, confronting body, vitality, with the capacity to shape shift, to vary in energy and dance states.

Flavia Pinheiro - Bacteria 16:9

Bacterias have always been labelled as the cause for diseases, waiting to be conquered by the modern weapons of medicine. From a biological perspective, this “war” against bacteria is in fact creating super-bacterias with an ever-growing resistance to antibiotics. From a social view - thisaseptic desire is part of an apparatus of separation, an ongoing and unsustainable exclusion of certain bodies from the membrane of the nation state. The urge for this proposal is to question the supposed universal desire for a clinical state, and how “covid gave germs a bad name”. This project calls this story into question, and offers a way to re-think, to be-with, by acknowledging different narratives; to become something else. My artistic research in general, and for this project in particular, proposes a way to highlight bacterias as the under-appreciated designers of Earth’s biosphere, and to acknowledge that they are in fact indispensable to life on earth. This urge is political, personal, but also driven by the aesthetic potential of the bacterial world as a landscape. In telling a story of cohabitation, co-evolution, and embodied interspecific sociality. Bacteria is a choreographic device which asks itself how companion species can most fruitfully inform politics and livable ontologies in today's lifeworld.

Images: Aline Van der Linden — Dramaturgy: Tom Oliver — Light designer: Adrian Kaustsky — Music: Gabriel de Oliveira


14.11.2022 - 02.12.2022