Jovial Mbenga

Jovial mbenga


Jovial Mbenga (1978, CD) is a Belgian actor, author and theatre maker. He has worked with a large number of directors, including Johan Dehollander, Guy Cassiers, Nele Vereecken and Christiane Jatahy. In 2013 he wrote and performed the solo Mon Noord. Mbenga often shows RITCS-students around in the Matongé (Brussels) and regularly performs in work by RITCS students, both on screen and on stage.

Mbenga is a strong believer of putting theatre in the middle of society. By giving a stage to people you normally don't find in the theater, people become more resilient, the social fabric strengthens and the canon, which is often determined one-sidedly, shifts. Mbenga has worked in the social-artistic field on numerous occasions, including collaborations with Theater Tartaar, GC Everna and EXIT Festival among many others. His work is supported by organisations as Deburen, KunstZ and Mestizo Arts Festival.