Maria Lucia Cruz Correia

© Marco Berardi
© Marco Berardi


Maria Lucia Cruz Correia's (1983, Portugal) artistic work displays her deep engagement for environmental issues. She reacts to the ecological crimes of our times by bringing audiences into a participatory environment that connects the artistic with the voices of scientists, activists and lawyers. Her actions tackle utopian healing by proposing clinical aesthetics that unveil human and non-human interconnectivity. Correia's work is based on participatory articulations, she creates interdisciplinary temporary platforms for environmental justice. By doing so, the work aims to have a positive impact on the pollution issues in urban landscapes, the Anthropocene, resilience and social transformation.

Correia studied Graphic Design at ESAD (PT) and graduated at a.pass (BE) in 2010. She is based in Belgium and is one of the city residents at Vooruit since 2012, where she founded Urban Action Clinic, an interdisciplinary platform focused on counteracting pollution. Her work has been supported by Kaaitheater, Buda Kunstencentrum, Tedxgent, FoAm, Verbeke Foundation, workspacebrussels, Imagine2020, and internationally presented at festivals such as Santarcangelo (IT), Mladi levi/Bunker (SL), Cultivamos Cultura (PT), (PS)Performancespace (UK), New Theater Institute of Latvia (LV) and TESZT (RO).