services, situations and other floors

Coproduction 2020

A series of tableauxdio

© buren
© buren


Services, situations and other floors is a collection of 'tableauxdio': audioscenes created by the artistic collective 'buren' during the research for their new performance Spare Time Work. You can use these tableauxdios as late night snacks, morning breaks or motivational meditations. Listen leisurely while labouring – or the other way around – to a delicious collage of fictuous facts and figures of speech.


Services, situations and other floors is een verzameling 'tableauxdio': audioscènes die werden gecreëerd door het artistieke collectief 'buren' tijdens het onderzoek voor hun voorstelling Spare Time Work. Je kunt deze tableauxdio's gebruiken als late night snacks, tijdens je ochtendpauze of als motiverende meditaties. Luister rustig terwijl je werkt – of andersom – naar een heerlijke collage van semi-fictieve feiten en andere stijlfiguren.

Instructions for an optimal experience

  • Location: anywhere (at home, on a walk, in your car...)
  • Device: podcast medium (laptop, smartphone,...), headphones recommended
  • Time frame: three episodes that together take about 10 minutes

Ready? Play

Play the tracks here or on the Spotify app, in the order of the pictures.

1. Call Service (2:35)

© buren
© buren

2. Late (2:50)

© buren
© buren

3. Terminology (5:06)

© buren
© buren

Curious for more?

This series is a preview of a new performance by buren. Spare Time Work will premiere during the Playground Festival in Leuven in November 2020 and is co-produced by workspacebrussels.

services, situations and other floors is part of the audio-visual summer programme a room with a view. It consists of nine artistic proposals that can be explored online from 1 July until 31 August 2020.

Concept: buren (Melissa Mabesoone & Oshin Albrecht) - Creation: buren & Benjamin Dousselaere - Commissioned by: workspacebrussels


Event details

1.07.2020 | 14:00 - 00:00

10:31 (3 episodes)






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