Cleaning Oracles

© Mary Szydlowska
© Mary Szydlowska

Cleaning Oracles is an evolving performative research space hosted by Mary Szydłowska in collaboration with Federico Protto, Eimi Leggett and Aleksandra Borys. In this space the engaged co-practitioners meet to reflect and move between questions on work, tiredness, relaxation, leisure and future speculations.

From early 2023 the practices and scores emerge as tools for ‘making space’, ‘making room’, ‘airing’, ‘cleaning’ and ‘holding’ through collective engagement with gesture and forms of attention. They seem to weave a suspension net, hypnotic state or a place where deep rest encounters an urgency.

During Open Studios, in a second presentation of Cleaning Oracles, Mary invites the audience to a fragment, a gap or a valley of time, where an environment for indwell opens. A Ray of Light or How to Hold searches to explore states and strategies of shared attentiveness and zoning-out.

By: Mary Szydłowska - In dialogue with: Federico Protto, Eimi Leggett, Aleks Borys - Performed by: Mary Szydłowska, Federico Protto, Eimi Leggett, Osamu Shikichi - Residency partners: workspacebrussels, BUDA, wpZimmer, Atlas programme Impulstanz, CC Strombeek & The School of Gaasbeek


19.03.2024 - 19.04.2024


16.08.2023 - 27.08.2023


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Cleaning Oracles – A Ray of Light or How to Hold

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