Perspectives on landscape

“the landscape not moving but being always in relation, the trees to the hills the hills to the fields the trees to each other any piece of it to any sky and then any detail to any other detail, the story is only of importance if you like to tell or hear a story but the relation is there anyway” – Gertrude Stein

© Quenten Janssen
© Quenten Janssen

A landscape is intrinsically related to a perspective. It is created by the individual view on nature, a selection of elements – by a spectator or artist – taken out of what nature provides. On the other hand, prompted by a common knowledge of what a certain landscape looks like, we read and select these elements through a culturally and socially determined filter. A landscape lies in between individual view and common knowledge.

This salon invites festival artists whose practice revolves around the concept of landscape to share their perspectives. Seeking to find connections between these different point of views, Kosi Hidama’s interior landscape Garden of solid subtleness will provide the setting for a collective thinking process on the notion of landscape in contemporary art dramaturgy.

With: Niko Hafkenscheid, Elias Heuninck, Kosi Hidama, Wouter Krokaert, Valentina Stepanova, Gosie Vervloessem, Andreas Fleck — Supported by: workspacebrussels