Dances in little format - double bill 1: caterina daniela mora jara & Loucka Fiagan

Coproduction 2022
© Steven Jouwersma
© Steven Jouwersma

Patagonian dancer caterina daniela mora jara brings together different dance traditions and continents into a translation from ballet to Argentinian malambo, accented with Argentinian mate and spicy Chilean ají, stretched like a fourteen-year-old ballerina. Expect a lot of traditional dances and eclectic surtitles in the solo In the name of another bastard-cheap lecture-performance (rather bastard than cheap).

In a solo that is halfway between a lecture and a sound performance, versatile artist Loucka Fiagan explores unconscious embodiments and the limits of language. In a game with his voice, his body, sounds and the position of the audience, Loucka poses questions about violence and deception.

Dances in little format

For the past two years, dancer and researcher caterina daniela mora jara has been one of workspacebrussels’ resident artists. During the Open Studios she will round off her trajectory with a mini-festival in which she invites five other artists to share the stage with her. Dances in little format connects different dances and dance traditions: the somatic, the virtuoso, sound journeys, small movements. After a three-week research residency focused on Conflicted Embodiment, the six artists invite the public to become part of their process. From transoceanic trajectories to displacement and torsion in colonial legacies of dance experience: the performers put ‘dance’ into question and enjoy dancing for its own sake.

In the name of another bastard-cheap lecture-performance (rather bastard than cheap): By: caterina daniela mora jara – Dramaturgical assistance: Aphra Behn, Kitry & Marie Geneviève Van Goethem – Costume design: Stefania Assandri – Dressed by: my mum Nancy – Malambo sur: Marcelo Licciardi – Dedicated to: Luis Biasotto – Lights: my friend el Gara – Supported by: workspacebrussels, HAUT, Stockholm University of the Arts, La Poderosa, Salmón Festival, Research Centre apass – PhD supervisors: Chrysa Parkinson & Eleonora Fabião – Trusting in this project: Vladimir Miller, Femke Snelting – Alliances and thanks: Marie Geneviève Van Goethem, the day of the samba, your forró, our tango, my Río de Janeiro and our samba do trabalhador at Clube Renascença // Upon Reflection: By: Loucka Fiagan – Assistance in scenography and audience placement: Castélie Yalombo – Collaboration in research: Beursschouwburg, Volta

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21.04.2023 | 20:30 - 22:15 Tickets

105' (incl. break)

pay what you can (€4/7/10)


Kaaistudio's (Brussels)


dance / performance
in English, en français & en español

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