I think we need to talk (try-out)

Coproduction 2021

An interactive performance with a lot of wool and few words

Collectief Eland - I think we need to talk - try-out 16:9

I think we need to talk is an interactive performance with a lot of wool and few words by the Ghent Collective Elan(d) and Manoeuvre. You are invited to find a place in the pink wool universe that unrolls before your eyes. In this collective experience, you literally join in on a story about connection.

The day before the showing you can participate in an open atelier in which, together with other participants, you will finger crochet costumes, decor or thread. Workshop participants sometimes find a place and role in the performance. What Collective Elan(d) presents during Open Studios XL is a work in progress. They show where they stand in their research and invite the public to participate in their process.

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Research for this same project, in the streets of Brussels, during the previous Open Studios in April 2021

Collectief Eland - I think we need to talk - workshop 16:9

Interested in the open atelier?

Welcome at the Kaaistudio's on 21.04.2022 between 16:30 and 18:30

With and by: Katrijn De Cooman, Chloé Geers (research phase), Carli Gellings & Jitse Huysmans — Performance: Katrijn De Cooman & Jitse Huysmans — Coaching: Benjamin Vandewalle & Seppe Baeyens — Production & Co-Creation: Collectief Elan(d) & Manoeuvre — Co-production: workspacebrussels, C-Takt, Voo?uit, BUDA, DURF2030, 30CC & STUK — Supported by: the City of Ghent & the Flemish Community — Thanks to: De Grote Post, KAAP, De Brakke Grond, De Veerman, hetpaleis, CAMPO and all the passers-by and participants during try-outs and open ateliers — Photos: Collectief Elan(d), KAAP & Heleen De Mol — Film: Kristina Ghanicheva & Ward D’hoore
Open Studios 2023 16:9

Open Studios XL

This event is part of Open Studios XL, a three-day programme with performances, try-outs and workshops at the intersection of dance, performance, theatre and installation work.

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22.04.2022 | 19:00 - 20:00 Tickets

60 min.

€ 4


Kaaistudio's (Brussels)


installation / performance

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part of Open Studios XL

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