The Chance to Find Yourself

Coproduction 2021

A playful insight into a theatrical friendship with many ups and downs

© Francesca Grilli
© Francesca Grilli

The Chance to Find Yourself arose from the genuine curiosity of two theatre-makers to better understand each other. Benno Steinegger and Jovial Mbenga come from very different cultural and economic backgrounds: one from Italy, the other from Congo. Today they both live and work in Brussels.

What started as a theatrical adaptation of Heart of Darkness by Joseph Conrad quickly became a performance about the meeting between two people, their differences and similarities. The theatre-makers were confronted with each other's ignorance, latent discriminatory behaviour and numerous (un)conscious thoughts that influence their daily lives.

Ultimately, the process itself became the result: a playful theatrical look behind the curtain of a friendship and collaboration, with many ups and downs. How close can we really get to the other? What role does our way of seeing play in all of this? Steinegger and Mbenga approach these questions with bold humour and abstract imagination.

By and with: Jovial Mbenga & Benno Steinegger – Co-direction: Gaia Saitta – Dramaturgy: Lara Staal – Outside eye: Joëlle Sambi Nzeba – Technical Direction & Lighting design: Valeria Foti – Collaboration for research: Costanza Lanzara – Production: workspacebrussels – Co-production: workspacebrussels, KAAP, Garage29 – Thanks to: CAMPO, wpZimmer, Codice Ivan, KLm / Kinkaleri, WIPCOOP / Mestizo Arts Platform – With support from: the Flemish Community & the Flemish Community Commission

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17.11.2021 | 20:00 - 21:30 Tickets

70 min.

€ 14 / 11



theatre in Dutch and English, surtitled in English

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